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  • What should my child bring to camp?
    What you should bring to camp: Clothes for the week—no tank or halter tops. Modest shorts. Laundry available for emergencies only. Bible/Pen/Paper Twin size bedding or sleeping bag/towels and washcloths. Bug spray Soap/shampoo/sunscreen/toiletries Flashlight with spare batteries Water bottle Swim suit and cover-up 2 pair of shoes—at least one with closed toes. Any medicines you need—must be checked in with the nurse when you arrive. Balance of camper fee if any. Most sessions discourage the use of cell phones. Check with your session director. Great Christian Attitude Do not Bring: Fireworks Firearms/Weapons Tobacco Alcohol Vaping Paraphernalia Bad Attitude Remember, no food allowed in the cabins. This keeps the bugs and mice out of the cabins. (Three meals/day and 2 canteen times are included in your tuition)
  • What if my child is sick prior to check in?
    Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp works in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Health to maintain a clean and safe environment. There are times when issues arise that are outside our control. We ask for your patience and understanding when occurrences such as lice or stomach viruses spread throughout a camp session. We will always strive to protect the health, safety and emotional well-being of all our campers. PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME WHEN: Child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher Child has diarrhea or vomiting Child has a rash of unknown origin Child has red, runny eyes or wakes up with eyes ‘glued’ shut Child complains of ear pain with or without fever Child has lice YOU MAY BRING YOUR CHILD TO CAMP WHEN: Child is fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducer Child is free of diarrhea or vomiting for 24 hours You have consulted a health care professional and receive a clear bill of health or the appropriate antibiotic therapy
  • Am I able to submit a paper application?
    Absolutely! We strive to make every camp session as accessible as we can. A copy of the paper application can be found here.
  • How do I convey my child's medical needs to the Director and pertinent staff?
    Every camper needing special accommodations or medication administered will need to fill out our Medical Statement form. The form can be downloaded here.
  • Can I send my camper mail while he or she is at camp?
    Absolutely! Campers LOVE receiving mail from those back home! Give your letters and packages plenty of time to arrive (3-5 days in most cases) and try to anticipate its arrival during their session. Late arriving packages can be claimed at the Manager's office throughout the summer. Please address as follows: Camper Name Camp Session Name PO Box 440 Madill, OK 73446
  • What is the policy for early camper pick-up at Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp?
    At PSCC, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our campers. While we strongly encourage campers to participate in the entire session of Summer Camp to fully benefit from the experience, we understand that early camper pick-up may be necessary at times. In the circumstance of early camper pick-up, a parent or guardian MUST speak to that week’s Session Director BEFORE pick-up will be allowed. This policy ensures that we are aware of any changes to the camper's schedule and can make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transition. It also allows us to maintain the safety and security of our campers by verifying the identity of the person picking them up. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to the safety of every camper at PSCC.
  • Are cell phone allowed during camp sessions?
    We believe that camp should be a time for campers to unplug and connect with staff and their fellow campers. As such, we have a strict no cell phone policy at camp. We ask that all campers leave their cell phones at home or turn them in to camp staff upon arrival. This helps to create a distraction-free environment where campers can focus on spiritual growth, unity, and personal development.
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